Add a Tennis Ball in Your Dryer For Softer Clothes


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are plenty of cleaning tips and secrets we all love. Like how white vinegar is a magical ingredient to use all around the house or how lemons can save you some money on cleaning products. Whatever secret or tip you can't get enough of, there's always a reason to learn a new one.

When it comes to a time-consuming and tedious household chore, laundry day wins that award. Why does the laundry always seem to pile up right after finishing up that last load?  If you're like me and you are always looking for ways to speed up the process, you have to give this unusual but helpful tip a try. All it takes is a few tennis balls to do this eco-friendly cleaning hack.

Fluff Comforters and Pillows

There's nothing better than a fluffy comforter and pillows for the perfect night's sleep. If you're washing anything heavy like a down comforter or pillow and you know they could use a good fluffing, try tossing them into the dryer with a few clean tennis balls. The tennis balls allow more space between these items that normally clump and bunch into sections, creating more air that is able to circulate.

It will also help your comforter and pillows dry faster and prevent any lumps from bunching up. I think we can all agree, no one likes a lumpy pillow! Bonus: you can also use this trick with your down jackets.


Collect Lint from Clothing

Instead of tossing in a few dryer sheets or dryer balls into that lint-filled load of clothing, throw in 2-3 tennis balls. They'll help by making sure the lint drawer in the dryer doesn't fill up too quickly and really take charge over the lint on clothing.

Reduce Wrinkles in Clothing

Confession: I absolutely hate ironing. I also can't stand wrinkles in my clothing. I've tried many different products and sprays to use on extra wrinkly clothing just so I don't have to lug out the ironing board. However, there's some good news. Turns out, adding a few tennis balls into the dryer helps prevent wrinkles from setting into clothing like t-shirts, jeans, pants, and even your bedsheets. Tennis balls will also prevent that annoying static cling from happening on your favorite shirt or piece of clothing.

As with any load of laundry, keep in mind it's best to remove the clothing as soon as the dryer plays that lovely jingle letting you know the cycle is done so you can really avoid those wrinkles.

Tennis Balls Help Speed Up Drying Times

When all you want to do is fold and put the laundry away just so you can forget about it for a while, keep a few tennis balls nearby. Tossing in a few will help speed up the drying process, so it'll be done faster. Just in time for that next round of laundry!


Wool Dryer Balls

If you don't have any tennis balls on hand, try out this alternative. Folks seem to love these wool dryer balls that function the same as tennis balls. They help prevent wrinkles and static cling, reduce drying time, and fluff and soften comforters and clothing. They're also chemical-free, unlike some dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

And if you can't get enough of that fresh laundry scent, try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender to the dryer balls. Order a pack of 6 or 12 from Amazon.

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