Teen Who Asked for Wendy's Nuggets Breaks Retweet Record

We all face obstacles and challenges in life. Occasionally, life hands you a lemon and you have to make lemonade. Other times, you burn your soufflé and have to start from scratch. For Twitter user @carterjwm (also known as Carter Wilkerson), though, the challenge was much different. This challenge, a challenge brought on by one simple Tweet, would change the course of Carter's life forever.

Carter asked for Wendy's nuggets and wound up breaking a Twitter world record.

The question Carter posited was simple. He wanted to know how many retweets he would need in order to get free chicken nuggets for a year.

Wendy's replied, coldly, with what seemed to be an impossibly high number: 18 million retweets. Carter reached out to the Twittersphere for support.

"HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS," Cater tweeted. The amount of "assistance," if you will, that he received was truly unbelievable.

Many people retweeted Carter's message. Others replied, and some of the replies were (you guessed it) hilarious.

Carter made national news as he continued gaining retweets.

The old world record was held by Ellen DeGeneres, receiving 3.4 million herself. Carter has indeed surpassed this number. Ellen wasn't jealous, though. She bought right in:

According to The Verge, "Wilkerson has pivoted his objective a bit -- promising that once the record is broken, Wendy's will donate $100,000 to The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption."

While he hasn't quite gotten to 18 million yet, Carter's new retweet world record is impressive. As his retweets continue to climb, we're asking ourselves what feels to be the most important question: Why didn't we think of this?

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