TB12: Eat Like Tom Brady with His Vegetable-Packed Meal Subscription

Ever wonder what it takes to eat like a Super Bowl-winning quarterback? According to Tom Brady, roughly $78 worth of veggies a week. The New England Patriots star player is getting into the food delivery business with his very own subscription box of produce created with Purple Carrot.

TB12 is a high protein, plant based weekly meal plan that promises to help athletes and sport-hopefuls stay at their peak.

"The TB12 Performance Meals are designed for anyone who's looking to achieve or sustain their own peak performance," Brady wrote to CNBC.

"Whether that's in the gym, on the field, or at work. We want to inspire everyone -- not just athletes -- to be their best, and I think these meals will be a big step in that direction."

Menu items include dishes like white lentil risotto with roasted winter veggies and cashew gremolata and crispy turnip cakes with quinoa tabbouleh and za'atar yogurt - a dish the company says works because "quinoa tabbouleh packs more protein than the normal couscous, and tangy-sweet kumquats mimic tomato in a whole new way."

Purple Carrot, a vegan meal delivery service explains, "Whether you're looking to maximize your performance on the playing field, get in better shape, eat more cleanly, or just want to enjoy the same meals that power Tom Brady's championship-caliber performance, incorporating TB12 Performance Meals into your weekly routine is a step in the right direction."

Purple Carrot

Despite the fact that the menu features winter vegetables, the subscription boxes will launch in April, but with limited quantities.

We don't think his fans will mind forking over the bucks for the boxes. His $200 nutritional manual and $50 snack packs both sold out immediately when they launched.

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