Taylor Swift's Record Label Releases Platinum-Filtered Vodka

You heard it here first: The label that brought you Taylor Swift is now branching further out into the entertainment industry to bring you vodka. Big Machine Label Group has officially signed Big Machine Platinum Filtered Premium Vodka. In a partnership with the Tenn. South Distillery of Lynville, Tenn., the music label's very first spirit is crafted in small batches and then filtered through a proprietary platinum filter that offers "a smooth and unparalleled taste."

Unfortunately, the batches are so small that at the moment that the vodka is only available to those in the middle Tennessee region. However, this carefully concocted beverage is soon set to expand into the rest of the US to help make each music listening experience that much more enjoyable.

In fact, the tagline of the vodka also serves as a set of directions on how to enjoy it best. It instructs you to: "Pour It On...Turn It Up...Lean In...Or Lean Back...And Indulge."

"Over the past 11 years Big Machine has provided the soundtrack to millions of fans worldwide," said the label's CEO Scott Borchetta in a statement. "With the launch of Big Machine Premium Vodka, we are now offering a superior product that perfectly complements the music we take such great pride in."

A New Concept: Vodka Owned By a Record Label

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The question remains, Is it a good idea for a label to start its own line of spirits?  While many big-name artists have successfully launched their own liquor labels, in the age of streaming where music labels are all but unrecognized, is it wise to assume that Big Machine will bring the prestige that well-known artists can bring to a brand?

While the jury is still out on that one, we can be sure that this release will provide an interesting addition to bars across the US. Next, we'll have to see if the liquor will sponsor acts that are also signed with its parent label.

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