Target Will Begin Testing Next Day Home Delivery

Imagine being able to shop at Target, avoid the lines, and have everything delivered to your home the very next day. Well, it's about to happen. Target announced in a blog post on May 8 that they plan to begin testing their new Target Redstock delivery service this summer in Minneapolis.

Just like other familiar home delivery services, the retailer plans to alleviate some of the tasks on their busy customers' schedules by providing guests with an online ordering and next-day delivery option for orders placed before 1:30 p.m. the previous day.

From one virtual shelf, customers will be able to order their go-to household products. Whether that be laundry detergent, paper towels, granola bars, or coffee, Target will soon be delivering it all to your home with the click of a button.

Why Is This Just Now Happening at Target?

Up until now, Target has remained a staunch brick and mortar retailer. However, due to our heavily eCommerce-driven economy, Target is feeling the pressure to step up and play the game.

Although the Minneapolis-based retailer has been lagging behind its competitors, recently there has been an improbable renaissance customers back through their doors. In fact, according to Forbes, they are outpacing both Amazon and Walmart in terms of growth, and now they are going to launch their secret strategy into the eCommerce world.

If you can't wait for Redstock to arrive in your city, you should check out Target's other new partnership with Instacart. The company signed a deal with online delivery service Instacart to pick up Target groceries and deliver them to customers in some cities.

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