Target Announces Lower Prices on 'Thousands' of Items

You know this by now, but Amazon's recent acquisition of Whole Foods has been riveting. When Amazon lowered prices at the natural grocery chain, people were excited. Competitors, however, likely weren't. The price point at Whole Foods has always been a barrier for potential customers. As the barrier is being torn down, though, other chains are being forced to react. One of those companies is Target. Thus, we're happy to report on Target lowering prices in response to the affordable Amazon frenzy.

Target put out a press release on September 8, 2017 describing the changes. In an attempt to "cut through the clutter," they've analyzed all of their prices. The result? Lower prices.

The press release states that price decreases will be seen on "thousands" of items. The ones they list include baby formula, razors, paper towels, and cereal. Some people are skeptical about the actual savings, though.

With other affordable superstores like Wal-Mart out there, the best prices in your area may take a little research. Regardless, paying less for something at Target shouldn't be viewed as a bad thing. It should, however, be viewed as a strategic move in response to Amazon's latest changes.

In addition to the price changes implemented at Whole Foods, Amazon's Prime Day is notorious for providing incredible (and often unbelievable) deals. Top this with other projects that they're diving in on, and it's no wonder that Target has responded with price cuts of their own.

Whether other large companies will respond to Amazon's updates as Target has is up in the air. As long as Target continues to keep the focus on good prices and exclusive brands, though, people will keep going there. We know one thing for sure, though; Scott Bermingham will never. Stop. Going to Target!

If you're on Team Scott, head to your nearest Target to check out the new prices. If you're skeptical, though, well ... you should still go check it out.

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