Tamarind Candy is Sweet, Salty, Spicy, and Extremely Addictive


Tamarind candy, commonly known as Mexican tamarindo candy, is a sweet made from the tamarind tree. The tamarind tree grows tamarind pods in tropical regions like Africa, India, Mexico, Asia, and South America, but has easy accessibility all over the world in the form of common sweets. Tamarind flavor has a unique taste which is both sour and sweet. Some even say they detect a spicy and tangy flavor from the tamarind.

Many people describe the texture as chewy, similar to gum. In some types of candy, the seeds, tamarind pulp, and veins from the tamarind fruit are left in, which can be bothersome to some.

Tamarind candies come in countless varieties, including lollipops, gummy candies, and hard candies. Some varieties even include de la rosa flavors. Not a bad way to eat your carbohydrates if you ask us. Tamarind even has potassium and calcium, making it a relatively healthy choice, in its pod form, anyway. No promises with the candy.

Mexican Tamarind Candy


Pulparindo Candy


This tamarind pulp candy is spicy, salty and sweet, with the texture of an Airhead.

Pelon Pelo Rico


This candy is primarily found in Mexican grocery stores and is extremely popular in Mexico and the US. The candy has a naturally sour lime flavor with added spicy flavor. It also has a watermelon flavor extract.


Dulce De Tamarindo


This is made from tamarind pulp, which provides an addictive tangy and spicy taste.

Vero Rellerindos


This candy is actually a 3 for 1. It includes popular Mexican flavors like sandia and chamoy. Sandia translates to watermelon flavor and chamoy is a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce. Both pair great with tamarind.

Tamarind Balls


These 2-ingredient treats are made from tamarind paste and coconut sugar. The coconut sugar makes this a healthier treat, and tamarind is already gluten free and vegan.

DIY Tamarind Candy Recipe


Tamarind candy, or candy balls, are fun and easy enough to make at home. You'll need tamarind paste, chili powder or Tajin (chili lime seasoning), sugar, water, and salt. You'll boil the liquid mixture, strain the seeds and pulp, then repeat until you have all juice. Return the juice to a boil with the sugar and seasonings. Let cool and chill in fridge for a few hours to return to a delicious candy.

Find the full recipe here.

If you're looking to delight your taste buds, look no further than tamarind candy.

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