Every Talenti Ice Cream Flavor Available Now - Over 50 of Them!


You're not going to be able to believe just how many Talenti ice cream flavors there are. The list truly seems endless, between gelato and sorbets/sorbettos, and the Talenti gelato flavor offerings almost seem too good to be true.

How Many Different Talenti Flavors Are There?

The Talenti website lists a whopping 58 flavors all together. That's not even counting the retired recipes -- the ones listed are the ones you can get in your grocery store right next to the Ben & Jerry's, or from an online retailer.

Do you have a favorite flavor when it comes to Talenti ice cream? Just one spoonful is never enough, but thankfully, many of these flavors are fairly healthy; there are some vegan dairy-free options, fat-free choices, and some gluten-free sorbettos and gelatos. It really seems like there's something for everyone.

What Are All of the Flavors?

The newest flavors listed on the Talenti website are honey graham gelato, vanilla peanut butter swirl gelato, confetti cookie, strawberry shortcake, chocolate pretzel, and cookies and cream.


But there are a ton of flavors in all. Without further ado, here is the full list of Talenti ice cream flavors you can run out and get right now:

    • Alphonso mango sorbetto
    • Belgian chocolate gelato
    • Black raspberry chocolate chip gelato
    • Black raspberry vanilla parfait
    • Caramel apple pie gelato
    • Caramel cookie crunch gelato
    • Caribbean coconut gelato
    • Chocolate cherry cheesecake
    • Chocolate chip cookie dough gelato
    • Chocolate peanut butter cup gelato
    • Coconut almond chocolate gelato
    • Coffee chocolate chip gelato
    • Dark chocolate cherry
    • Double dark chocolate gelato
    • Fudge brownie gelato
    • Hazelnut chocolate chip gelato
    • Key lime pie gelato
    • Madagascan vanilla bean gelato
    • Mediterranean mint gelato
    • Mint fudge cookie
    • Old world eggnog gelato
    • Peanut butter fudge sorbetto
    • Peanut butter vanilla fudge
    • Peppermint bark gelato
    • Pumpkin pie
    • Raspberry cheesecake gelato
    • Roman raspberry sorbetto
    • Salted caramel truffle
    • Sea salt caramel gelato
    • Pacific coast pistachio gelato
    • Southern butter pecan gelato
    • Vanilla blueberry crumble gelato
    • Vanilla caramel swirl gelato
    • Vanilla fudge cookie
    • Cold brew coffee sorbetto
    • Organic ginger matcha gelato
    • Organic oak-aged vanilla gelato
    • Organic chocolate mousse gelato
    • Organic brown butter caramel
    • Vanilla fudge cookie
    • Salted caramel truffle
    • Chocolate cherry cheesecake
    • Black raspberry vanilla parfait
    • Peanut butter vanilla fudge
    • Mint fudge cookie
    • Dark chocolate cherry
    • Dark chocolate sorbetto
    • Strawberry hibiscus sorbetto
    • Banana caramel crunch
    • Coffee cookie crumble
    • Coconut chocolate cookie
    • Lemon berry pie
    • Honey graham gelato
    • Vanilla peanut butter swirl gelato
    • Confetti cookie
    • Strawberry shortcake
    • Chocolate pretzel
    • Cookies & cream
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    This post was originally published on March 5, 2021.

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