What Happens When Your Taco Truck Is Stuck in Traffic? You Open It for Business

Last week, a taco truck once again made headlines. In Seattle, a tanker truck full of propane rolled over on the Interstate 5. Although there were no life-threatening injuries reported, the accident caused a traffic jam that lasted throughout the lunch hour. 

Thankfully an enterprising taco truck owner Thomas Lopez saw a golden opportunity. While on the way to serve lunch in the South Lake Union district of Seattle, Lopez heard about the tanker crash on the radio. Not to waste a moment of a captive audience, he turned around the El Tajin and headed over to the interstate.

Just another Tuesday for Tacos el Tajin.

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Suddenly, being stuck in a traffic jam became tolerable. As El Tajin began serving food during the traffic standstill, people began wandering about. Smells of steak and al pastor tacos drifted down the highway.

Unsurprisingly, the truck quickly had a line nearly as long as the traffic jam itself.  "We are ready to serve food, everywhere," Lopez told The Seattle Times

Sun n' tacos #alpastor #lengua #heaven

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And thank goodness they did. The 41-year-old taco truck owner likely just performed the greatest PR stunt of his business.

Now, not only will those that were stuck in the traffic jam be forever thankful to their lunchtime saviors, but you can bet you'll find a mobile lunch somewhere up and down the I-5 the next time there is an impassible traffic jam.

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