Taco Bell Introduces the Kit Kat Quesadilla to U.S. Menus

I'm a chocoholic; I'm not afraid to admit it. Cover it, stuff it, or smother it - if chocolate is involved, you can count me in. I'm an indiscriminate chocolate lover, digging it all from dark to milk, pink chocolate to white chocolate (and we all know, the white variety has a dubious reputation for being a real cocoa product). I'm even into red wine chocolate (because, why not join two of my favorite things?). So a Kit Kat quesadilla, why not?

The newest chocolate invention from Taco Bell certainly intrigues me. If we're going to use flour in cakes and brownies, why would a flour tortilla be a problem? I mean, I'm into chocolate covered pretzels and pumpkin chocolate brownies, and both of these things are a bit on the savory side. We all know that chocolate and peanut butter anything is amazing, and I'm planning to make chocolate nachos as a scary treat for Halloween. So, why not a quesadilla? Is it really that weird?

Kit Kat Chocoladilla

Brand Eating

This isn't the first time that the fast-food chain has delved into dessert territory. Taco Bell's Chocoladilla premiered in the U.K. last year. While it was known as the Kit Kat Chocodilla, it's still the same creation we're seeing now. After its success, Taco Bell is testing these chocolaty treats in select locations in Wisconsin.

The treat itself is simple - they stuff a flour tortilla with chocolate chips and melted Kit Kat bars. Then, it's grilled to melty perfection. This dessert quesadilla like something I would have made at home in college! Brand Eating reports that this treat will sell for only $1 (which I think is less expensive than the candy bar itself...).

The new menu item of the chocolate quesadilla joins the introduction of the Vanilla Iced Coffee, priced at $1, just like the dessert filled with Kit Kat pieces.

Other "weird" Taco Bell menu items include: their newest breakfast sandwich, the Naked Egg Taco (with a fried egg as the "taco shell"); Naked Chicken Chips and Chalupas (using triangles of fried chicken as "chips" for queso dip, and the same chicken shaped into a chalupa shell); and a White Airhead Mystery flavored Freeze drink.

So what do you think, gross or genius? Has Taco Bell gone too far with this Kit Kat-filled quesadilla, or do you think it's just right?

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