Taco Bells Is Testing Volcano Chicken Chips If You Live in This State

Ever the innovator, Taco Bell is testing its new Volcano Chicken Chips in a few locations in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, Brand Eating reports. The "chips" aren't really chips at all - they're Taco Bell's "outside-the-bun" take on chicken nuggets, shaped triangularly, like tortilla chips.

These crispy-fried chunks of white-meat chicken are served with a cup of Taco Bell's once-departed Lava Sauce (remember the Volcano Taco?), the extra-spicy, cheese-based, super-secret sauce that disappeared in late 2015.

You can also find the "chips" inside the Volcano Chickstar - essentially a Crunchwrap with bits of fried chicken, rather than a tostada shell, providing the titular crunch.

So far, there's no word on when - or if - they'll be available nationwide. 

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