Taco Bell Taking Reservations for Exclusive 5-Course Dinner in Test Kitchen

Taco Bell is again making history; this time, it's not for once again replacing tortillas with, say, fried eggs or fried chicken or waffles or pancakes. As Time reports, the chain will open the doors to its Irvine, California test kitchen to the public for the very first time, taking an extremely limited number of reservations via OpenTable.

According to the company, the five-course dinner will feature "twists on Taco Bell favorites, never before seen products, and menu creations before they are available to the public."

The uber-exclusive meal is set for Friday, May 19, and will have just 32 available seats, open to diners 21 and older only. The company will release the URL on Cinco de Mayo, May 5.

When it's your birthday but you love tacos. ??

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While dinner is free, you'll have to foot your own travel bill. Still, a chance to see what Taco Bell is cooking up in its test kitchen could be more than worth it. And, if you don't manage to snag one of the seats this time around, Taco Bell said this is only the first of what will be many more such "fine dining" events at its kitchen.

In the meantime, brush up on your Taco Bell trivia, then take a look at the time Conan O'Brien visited the Taco Bell Test Kitchen below.

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