Taco Bell's Breakfast Menu is Back and Better Than Ever

Taco Bell has just announced an exciting new development on its menu. After removing its beloved breakfast menu items last year during the pandemic, the Mexican fast-food chain is bringing breakfast back for all to enjoy. Taco Bell breakfast will be available by mid-September and will include a number of fan favorites.

Taco Bell fans everywhere remember the delight of picking up a Breakfast Crunchwrap or breakfast quesadilla on the way to work, smothering it in hot sauce, and then eating a couple Cinnabon Delights to cleanse the palette. Fortunately, the Taco Bell breakfast menu will be back in a matter of weeks, and Taco Bell fans will no longer have to make do with other fast food breakfasts like McDonald's, Wendy's or Starbucks.

Taco Bell Breakfast is Back

Taco Bell will be reviving the Cheese Toasted Breakfast Burrito, consisting of a tortilla, eggs, nacho cheese sauce and sausage, along with the Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito. The new breakfast menu will also include the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito, which has twice as many scrambled eggs a the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito, and also contains cheese, potato bites, pico de gallo, and bacon or sausage.

Along with the return of these beloved breakfast items, the restaurant chain has named musician Lil Nas X as the Chief Impact Officer, making him the face of Taco Bell's new breakfast campaign. In the press release, Taco Bell said that 90% of locations in the country will have the long-awaited breakfast items by mid-September. Plus, our favorite Tex-Mex chain will be implementing a new design for its restaurants, including bigger drive-thru lanes.

Taco Bell fans will soon be able to enjoy the most important meal of the day with a breakfast burrito packed with all the good stuff! Keep an eye out at your local Taco Bell to enjoy these delicious breakfast menu items when they arrive.

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