Houston Pizza Hut Delivers Pizza to Hurricane Harvey Victims—By Kayak

The true extent of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is only becoming clear, but already the country has witnessed a steady stream of images from its wake, some shocking, some sad, some heartbreaking and still some heartening. Even in the face of disaster on a scale not seen in centuries, images and stories has poured out of Houston of Texans helping Texans -- first responders, paramedics and firefighters, yes, but also simple citizens and, yes, restaurant workers.

As the Houston Chronicle reports, flood victims in Sugar Land got a small bright spot recently when their neighborhood Pizza Hut began delivering pizzas -- by kayak.

Shayda Habib via Houston Chronicle

West Airport Pizza Hut Manager Shayda Habib made the call after hearing from a shift manager folks in the nearby Village of Oak Lake neighborhood were hungry and low on supplies.

"We packed 120 pizzas into kayaks and took them out to people in their homes. The people in the houses didn't expect us to come. It was so nice to see their smiles after so much gloom."

In all, six Pizza Hut employees braved the chest-high waters to make their deliveries, even paddling the kayak into people's flooded homes.

Shayda Habib via Houston Chronicle

Though this initial delivery took place Tuesday, Habib told the Houston Chronicle she planned on "delivering more pizzas on Wednesday and Thursday, until the stores runs out of food to deliver."

While our hearts break for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Louisiana and beyond, it's reassuring to see people coming together to help people.

Don't forget to tip your next delivery driver.

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