Company Creates Wearable Meat Patch to Curb Bacon Cravings and It's Really Weird

When you want to quit smoking you opt for nicotine patches.Wwhen you want to quit eating bacon you opt for meat patches. Yea, it's a real thing. According to The Telegraph, Irish startup Strong Roots and Oxford professor Charles Spence has created a meat patch to help curb bacon cravings. And get this: the patch is essentially a scratch-and-sniff sticker you place on your arm.

"Studies have shown that scent can reduce food cravings," Spence said in a statement. "Our sense of smell is strongly connected to our ability to taste therefore experiencing food related cues such as smelling a bacon aroma, can lead us to imagine the act of eating that food. Imagine eating enough bacon and you might find yourself sated." Essentially if you smell meat you'll feel satisfied and turn to products like veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, and cauliflower hashbrowns.

Samuel Dennigan, the founder of Strong Roots is excited about the new product, "We hope it goes some way to supporting all the meat-a-holics out there."

Others a wary of the product. Graham Innes, a 45-year-old from Albans, Herts shares, "If I can smell bacon I'll want to eat bacon - it's very simple." We totally agree.

While the product is not public yet, some Brits have already gotten their hands on it.

What is Strong Roots?

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Built on healthy food products, Strong Roots is a food company that focuses on plant-based and environmentally friendly choices. Products include kale & quinoa burgers, broccoli & purple carrot bites, mixed root vegetable fries, beetroot wedges, beetroot & bean burgers, spinach bites, and pumpkin & spinach burgers. The frozen vegetables and frozen food are perfect for people that want to have a vegan lifestyle. The veggie products are available at select grocery stores and big-box stores like Target.

Will the meat patch be available soon? Who knows, but until then, these scratch-and-sniff stickers will have to suffice.

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