Stranger Danger Dinners: Have a Meal with Complete Strangers

Do you think going a blind date is terrifying? These Stranger Danger Dinners might not be for you. However, if you're intrigued with the idea of meeting new people outside your social circle, you might reconsider. "There are few socially acceptable ways to talk to strangers without people thinking you're hitting on them," says the About Us section on Stranger Danger Dinners' website. We couldn't agree more.

It isn't always about being more than just friends. The trouble, though, is that meeting people isn't exactly easy. Stranger Danger Dinners is looking to fix this by letting you have a meal with seven complete strangers.

The creators of Stranger Danger Dinners are flipping the friend acquisition game on its head. Their service arranges a dinner between eight total and complete strangers. They ask, "Would you go to dinner with strangers? Potential new best friends, passable acquaintances, or possible murderers?" We'd rather have someone pass as an acquaintance than potentially murder us, but the concept seems innocent enough. 

The dinners are held at "local up-and-coming restaurants," and they're usually on restaurants' quiet nights. The only downside, though, is that Stranger Danger Dinners currently only operates in Perth, Australia. If you're in Perth, feel free to consider this a perk. A Perth perk, that is.

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Stranger Danger Dinners knows that not everyone can make it to Perth, and the way they handle this is quite entertaining. They believe that "you should totally visit Perth!"

They also posit this question: "Did you know that Perth has excellent beaches, the worlds best hotdogs AND mostly non-murderous humans?" There it is ... that murder theme again.

Murder jokes aside, they say they're "actually planning on expanding ... dinners to other cities soon." If you can make it to Perth, though, try it out. You'll want to purchase their ice breaker cards from their online store first. This will ensure that there's ne'er a dull moment and that you get the full Stranger Danger Dinners experience.

We're excited for this business to expand. No, we're definitely not lonely here in the U.S. of A. We're just super in-tune with the simple (yet perhaps revolutionary) concept that these dinners are based around: At one point, "all friends were once strangers."

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