These 12 Stores Will Be Closed on Easter Sunday (And 8 That Will Be Open)

Better get your shopping done before April 21st because more and more shops are closing their doors this year to take the day off. While we can't predict the future problems, like you forgot to pick up the Easter eggs or the dog got into the ham, it's a good idea to have a look at what stores are open before going out of the way.

This list includes major department stores that have decided to close nationwide, along with national chains and drug stores. This list may or may not reflect every location so make sure to call ahead of time to find out the operating hours.

The Stores Closed on Easter

  1. Aldi
  2. Costco
  3. Sam's Club
  4. Target
  5. Banana Republic
  6. Best Buy
  7. Gap
  8. Kohl's
  9. Pottery Barn
  10. Ross
  11. T.J. Maxx
  12. Williams-Sonoma

Most grocery store chains close for the entirety of Easter Sunday but some may be open in the afternoon. If you forgot to grab that last piece of chocolate for your basket or the potatoes for your Easter brunch or dinner, make a call to your local grocery store to find out their operating hours for Good Friday

And for those that don't celebrate Easter, here's a list of what stores are open so you can still get your shopping on.

Stores Open on Easter Sunday

  1. Walmart - Locations will be on normal operating hours depending on the location. Check your local Walmart for specific times.
  2. Trader Joe's - Regular business hours
  3. Walgreens - Regular business hours
  4. Rite Aid - Regular business hours
  5. CVS - Regular business hours
  6. Boston Market - Regular business hours with a tasty Easter dinner special.
  7. Denny's - Regular business hours
  8. Waffle House - Regular business hours

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