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You Are What You Drink: What Your Favorite Vodka Flavor Says About You


You are what you eat, idiom aside seems to have some pretty strong science behind it. But are you what you drink? Way back in 2004, The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago released research from its two-decade study of taste and smell traits, suggesting that your preferred flavor of Stolichnaya vodka is a pretty good predictor of your personality.

Dr. Alan Hirch, founder of The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, said there's a biological basis for this.

"Since personality and taste are both found in the limbic lobe of the brain, they develop at the same time and are shaped by the same external factors," Hirsch said. "This being the case, we had a strong basis to assert that the flavors people select to consume might provide a window into their personalities."

To that end, Hirch turned his attentions toward situations in which adults would select a product based on their own preferences but where their appearance, body language or what they say wouldn't necessarily reflect who they really are -- like a person ordering cocktails in a bar, perhaps.

Hirch partnered with Stolichnaya vodkas, a premium vodka company, and carried out a study, "Personality Predictions Based on Vodka Flavor Preferences," enlisting 567 lucky drinkers, 63 percent female, 37 percent male, from ages 21 to 30. Subjects underwent a series of psychological and personality tests, and were asked about their preference of among six flavors of Stoli vodka.


Hirch crunched the data and reached a few conclusions about what personalities prefer what flavors of vodka. So which one are you picking up at the liquor store?

Which Stolichnaya Vodka are You?

Stoli Vanil

Contrary to popular belief, Stolichnaya Vanil drinkers are far from plain. Spontaneity spurs them to live for the latest thrill, jump into relationships headfirst, and fall hard. Vanilla vodka drinkers love, love!

While they won't call the shots, they love to be the center of attention and all the action. Depending on their mood, their genuine match is a Cranberi type, while their opposite, Razberi, complements their need for someone to make the decisions for them.

Stoli Razberi

Practice makes perfect for Razberi fans and the people around them.  With expectations soaring high and the need to always be "on," Razberis like challenges and want to work hard for their money -- and their relationships.


Although the soul mate for Razberi is Ohranj, they will look for the challenge in their opposite attraction, Vanil. Drink this raspberry vodka with a splash of Sprite.

Stoli Ohranj

Ohranj-type personalities are as cool as cucumbers and natural people pleasers. They put others before themselves, and you'll always see a smile on their faces, as their outlook on life is optimistic.

They will look to Razberi for that match made in heaven, and turn to their opposite, Persik (peach), to spice up their life with a little drama.

Stoli Citros

Rebels with a cause, Citros types are adventure seekers with strong opinions, and in romance not just anyone is worthy of them. Just as a relationship takes a serious turn, the Citros types are on to bigger and better.


Always between jobs, they somehow find a way to pay rent, realizing that they need to spend more time finding themselves than a career. Citros needs Persik (peach) for an ultimate partner in crime, but will turn to Cranberi when looking to argue about their strong beliefs.

Stoli Cranberi

First impressions are everything for Cranberi, and their analytical nature complements their busy-bee attitude. They'll fill the logical role, while they desire an emotional companion that will keep the curve balls coming. They'd better make a good first impression on Vanil, their perfect match, or Citros will fulfill their need for emotion as their opposite attraction.

Stoli Persik/Peach

Persiks talk one personality and walk another depending on the drama of the day. Hopeless romantics, they can capture the heart of anyone they meet, but lose interest quickly...just as they do in their career as a routine sets in. To keep the passion and excitement in a relationship, Persik can tempt their opposite, Ohranj, or their perfect match, Citros.

Of his findings, Hirsh said,"This research demonstrates that what we drink can say almost as much about us as what we wear, or even what we might say, in a social situation. For those trying to wade through the treacherous waters of finding the perfect mate, this could prove quite useful."


Next time your out for drinks with friends, go ahead and raise a glass to who you really are.

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