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This Epic 'State Fair of Texas' Wedding Will Make You Crave a Corny Dog


How much do you love the State Fair of Texas? Probably not as much as Melissa Tate who, according to GuideLive, is a State Fair of Texas superfan. It's not just about the food or the shows at the event that really captures Tate's heart, it's about the feeling of community she walks into every single year it opens in October. Her adoration for the fair runs so deep that when her boyfriend proposed in 2016, there was only one theme that would do.

Deciding to hold the wedding at the family-owned farm, Tate Farms in Rockwall, Melissa and Evan were free to think about whatever theme their hearts desired, with the expansive room of the farm to work with.

On March 25, 2017, the two lovebirds tied the knot during their
#TateFairOfTexas, where all of the State Fair classics were present.

Melissa owns the mobile photo booth company Photo Wagon credits her husband (eek, so exciting!) with helping her fulfill her lifelong dream, though he isn't as into the State Fair as she is. As Melissa told GuideLive,

"I love everything about a county fair. As cheesy as it sounds, it's the core of who I am. I love that Texas tradition."

The couple went completely full-throttle when it came to matching theme, bringing a Ferris wheel and hosting a livestock area featuring "award-winning goats and steer."

Fletcher's corny dogs were, obviously, there with loads of mustard, and the Lone Star beers were stocked for the festivities.

And as for the couple's honeymoon? Melissa told GuideLive that they'll be "taking a road trip to 'hit as many dance halls and state parks as we can, and basically picnic and two-step through Texas.'"

Would you expect anything less from the newlyweds? Roll through Austin, you crazy corny-dog-lovin' kids, and we'll show you a good time at the Broken Spoke!

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