What Kind of Food is Your State Typically Ordering for Delivery?

In a world where delivery used to be dominated by the pizza industry, the rush of restaurants and apps catching up to the deliverable standard is at an all-time high. Though pizza and Chinese food delivery run supreme in certain areas of miscellaneous states, have they set the standard for deliveries across the board? Are they dominating the delivery market the way many assume? In short, the answer is no.

Though you may think you know what's popular in the food world of each state, that doesn't necessarily mean those are hot ticket items for delivery. Assuming Texans want BBQ or tacos delivered most would be an on-point guess, however it's an inaccurate one. If that surprises you, just wait 'til you see how the rest of the country pans out. A collaboration between GrubHub and Eater, this map is pretty eye-opening.


For Texas, Burgers rule supreme. This could be because Texas is home to Whataburger, and if you've ever been to Whataburger, you'll understand the obsession.

If not, just get some delivered. Other states where burgers are king include Idaho, Indiana, Washington and North Dakota.

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When it comes to chicken, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky take the prize. It's a simple meal and generally doesn't take long to get delivered, which is probably what led to the popularity of this deliverable in these states.

By popular demand, Chinese food is clearly still a hot commodity in the delivery world in South Carolina, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. These states know what they want and they know how to get it: delivery.

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There's no surprise that New York's delivery scene is dominated by pizza, but they're definitely not the only ones. Other 'za-loving states include Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland and Georgia. Though the style of pizza may differ from state to state, the love for it's cheesy goodness remains the same.

Not every state was created equal in the eyes of delivery, and these states take the prize for diversity. California is known for getting fish delivered --in the form of a taco, we can only hope. Then there's Louisiana, New Hampshire and Massachusetts who are all about some delivery sushi. Honestly, we can't blame them, either.

While Kansas and Missouri are thriving on delivery pasta, Iowa is thriving on gyros, and Alabama loves them some stuffed pita sandwiches. Then you have New Mexico who are living the healthy life and getting salads delivered to their homes and offices, and the good people of Arizona just want some french fries.

In Utah, sweet treats have taken over the delivery world in the form of cinnamon sticks. And it should come as no surprise that Wisconsin's delivery scene is all about some cheese --you know, the best in the country.

As for South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alaska and Hawaii, well . . . let's just say they're more of go-getters than the rest of us, and efficient at that. They thrive on fast food joints such as Sonic in Mississippi and Arkansas, and Taco Bell in Alaska, of all places.

No matter where you live, your options for delivery food items are limitless, and are only expected to grow as the industry shifts with the changing times.

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