Starbucks to Serve Ice Cream + Coffee at 100 Locations Nationwide

If you haven't noticed the changing tides of Starbucks before, you'll be sure to notice them now. First it was the introduction of the ever-famous pumpkin spice latte, then certain locations upped their ante by serving alcoholic beverages such as wine with cheese plates.

However, Starbucks is now taking things to a whole other level. If you thought ice cream floats were a thing to be struck by, think about ice cream drizzled with espresso, whipped cream, and whatever other coffee entities you could possibly desire.

These drinks are those of an Italian nature, and there will be three of them offered at these 100 locations, per CNBC. Affogato is undoubtedly a top contender on their new 3-ice cream-drink additions, and it'll be the first time Starbucks has tempered around with the likings of affogato.

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For those who are unaware as to what affogato is, it's simply a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato that is submerged, or drowned, in a piping hot shot of espresso which is poured over the top.

Sounds delicious, right? Starbucks clearly thought so too, as this item will be popping up in miscellaneous Starbucks around the country.

If affogato and Starbucks seem like a combination of the past, you're not entirely off-base.

In 2016, the chain announced a new affogato-inspired frappucinos, giving those who weren't familiar with the traditional dessert a baby step into what it tastes like, and awakening flavor combinations generally unheard of in the traditional American coffee world.

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These drinks are will remain in trial runs at various upscale locations in cities such as L.A., Boston and Washington D.C.

Noting that these trial runs are subject to a smaller percentage of Starbucks nationwide, we can all only sit and hope that these runs are a huge success, allowing the rest of the country the joys of Italian treats without the pricey plane ticket there.

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The full list of flavors offered at select Starbucks locations, per CNBC are:

Classic Espresso Affogato: Two shots of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.

Starbucks Narino 70 Cold Brew Float: Cold brew poured over vanilla ice cream.

Starbucks Narino 70 Cold Brew Malt: Cold brew blended with ice cream, malt, and chocolate bitters.

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