Instagram-Worthy 'Pink Drink' from Starbucks Officially on the Menu

The customers have spoken and Starbucks listened. The Pink Drink is here to stay. Essentially, what Starbucks has created - the  Pink Drink -  is nothing more than an unblended smoothie. It mixes coconut milk together with Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refreshers for a grown up version of strawberry milk - think   Nestle's Quik but 'healthy.' Originally, the Acai was mixed with water. , it just wasn't as good as what happened when it was mixed with milk.

Customers started requesting a milky mix and took to social media to post their results. Starbucks junkees went wild for it, customizing it with regular, soy and even almond milk when they were feeling frisky. Instagram blew up with #pinkdrink posts and Starbucks knew they had to do something serious.

Also, that fruit you see floating at the top?They are freeze-dried strawberries which come to life when they meet the milk, adding to the Insta-appeal of the beverage.

Vivienne Long, Starbucks Vice President, U.S. Retail Beverages said of the addition:

"We're thrilled that the beloved Pink Drink is joining the Starbucks menu, just in time for the warmer spring months. This delicious and refreshing drink is a celebration of our customers' and baristas' creativity and is just one of the 170,000 ways we craft beverages to meet each person's unique taste preferences."

And, bonus, it won't wreck your diet. A Grande Pink Drink contains less than 150 calories! Customers can still get creative. You can customize the Pink Drink with milk (of course) and combination of syrups, coffee or espresso options and toppings.

If you are in this for the color alone, Starbucks offers other pink-colored drinks including Teavana® Passion Tango® Iced Tea, Strawberry Crème Frappuccino® blended beverage and ready-to-drink Strawberry Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers® Revitalizing Energy.

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