Starbucks Barista Misspelled Michael Phelps' Name to Something Even Better

It's not every day that you can look greatness in the face, and as a Marylander, few athletes would leave me in awe like meeting Michael Phelps would. That's what makes this Starbucks name misspelling even greater.

It seems that when Phelps placed his order, with his wife Nicole Johnson Phelps and a friend in tow, the barista wanted to recognize greatness.

Behold, the best mix-up of all time.

Interesting names on our Starbucks cups today ??made us all laugh #hiltonvillage

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Phelps is clearly the Greatest of All Time (the GOAT, if you will), and it isn't just the reputation that precedes him. The man has earned it with 28 medals, officially the most decorated Olympian of all time.

And it's even more humbling to know that hey, stars are just like us. They go to Starbucks when they're craving a caffeine fix, too.

Oh, and how cute is their son, Boomer Phelps? Looks like he might be a star swimmer yet!

Spring break 2k17 @boomerrphelps @mrs.nicolephelps

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Of all the nicknames to write on The Baltimore Bullet's cup, the GOAT seems fitting. The medals don't lie, y'all.

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