How to Get Your Free Iced Espresso Drink from Starbucks

Do you experience the mid-afternoon blues, especially in the summertime when you wish you were on a sandy beach somewhere instead of in the office? Well, here's something from Starbucks that might help. This week, you can be the office superstar -- or just a best friend -- with buy-one-get-one-free iced espresso drinks from Starbucks.

From now through July 2, customers who buy a grande iced espresso drink from 2 to 5 p.m. -- prime time for that afternoon pick-me-up -- will receive one of equal or lesser value free.

While only grande iced espresso drinks are on the BOGO special, that's still the perfect size for the mid-afternoon pick-me-up, especially as temperatures are rising. Don't think about swapping in an espresso Frappuccino drink, either, that won't count at the register.

However, order up your regular Iced Americano or Iced Vanilla Latté, and don't forget to add your friend's order as you head out the door!

What will you do with your BOGO drink? Impress the boss? Maybe a date? Take a friend out for coffee? Keep it for yourself?

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