Starbucks Is Releasing a New Fun Pastel-Colored Spring Cup Just in Time for Easter

If you are a diehard Starbucks lover, prepare to be stoked, because Starbucks Spring Cups are almost here! Set to release on March 16, the new spring line will feature an array of cheerful pastel colors with fun hand-drawn design. Bunnies, umbrellas, even a spring vase will put some sunshine into your life after a drab winter.

Surprisingly, this is the first spring cup release coming from Starbucks. The company that is not shy when it comes to releasing a new line of festive to-go cups has been popping out new designs for the last twenty years.

It first began with a holiday cup and since as evolved into summer and autumn themes - making it only a matter of time before Starbucks delve into spring.

If you're looking for an Easter treat for yourself or someone else, swing on by and pick up your limited edition cup. These cups have Easter surprise written all over them. Put them in an Easter bunny basket or hide it in the egg hunt. You're never too old for an Easter present.

Available in tall, grande, and venti, you can grab your spring cup at participating stores in the United States and Canada. But hurry, they will only be available for a limited time.

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