The Starbucks Dragon Frappuccino Slays the Unicorn Frappuccino

Unicorns are so last week. Here to knock the Starbucks' shockingly popular, much-maligned Unicorn Frappuccino off its high horse, so to speak, is the Dragon Frappuccino. And it actually slays the competition.

As Today reports, the new multicolored mythological drink began popping up on Instagram this week, just when the online hubbub over the Unicorn Frapp started to fade away after angry barista rants and unfavorable reviews.

This green-and-purple concoction isn't an "official" Starbucks menu drink, but a few Unicorn-weary baristas in locations around the U.S. started doling out the dragon drinks when they ran out of some or all of the ingredients for the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Though the exact recipe isn't known as it isn't on the official menu, customers who have tried it say it's most likely made with Green Tea Frappuccino, vanilla bean powder and a dash of berry cup swirl syrup.

Why have one mythical creature drunk when you can have two? Ecstatic Instagrammers are calling the new drink the perfect Unicorn counterpart for the limited-edition trend.

It's been a success and Starbucks baristas around the country have picked on the trend like they always do, and are even hailing the Dragon Frapp as supreme over the Unicorn drink. One store even offered it as an "exclusive" Starbucks drink:

Missed out on ?, but got a taste of ?Frappuccino! #mysticalcreatures #dragonfrappuccino #starbucks

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Since Starbucks says customers can customize their drinks more than 170,000 ways, you can probably ask your local 'Bucks barista to make you one of these things.

Just make sure you tip your baristas, these drinks are not all that easy to whip up, especially during a rush. Do you have a favorite Starbucks secret menu drink?

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