Starbucks' Cherry Pie Frappuccino Won't Be Found in the U.S. (For Now)

Cherry pie ranks high on the list of Americana, but you'll need a plane ticket out of the states for a taste of Starbucks' inventive new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino. The company announced beginning April 13, stores throughout Japan will feature the specialty beverage inspired by the flavors of cherry pie à la mode.

The vanilla crème -based drink is blended with cherry compote and pie crust crumbles and topped with whipped cream.


In place of the traditional plastic lid, the American Cherry Pie Frappuccino is served with a dome of pie crust customers break through with the straw.

This is, of course, in addition to Starbucks Asia's unique lineup of spring drinks. Starbucks, what can we do to find this frappuccino here? Americana is Americana for a reason, y'all!

Do you think we'll see this version reach the U.S. before summertime? If not, might we suggest a Lemon Meringue Pie Frappuccino? It might even be better than cherry pie!

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