Starbucks is Bringing the Zombie Frappuccino to Stores This Halloween

Starbucks made seasonal drinks the trendy Instagram-worthy photo opportunity that they are. Whether it's the Unicorn Frappuccino, the Mermaid Frappuccino, or the classic Butterbeer Frappuccino menu hack from the Starbucks secret menu, the Seattle-based chain simply knows how to shake things up. Though the brand's Pumpkin Spice Latte undoubtedly corners the market on seasonal beverages, Starbucks may outdo itself this Halloween with the release of a new drink that's to die for -- the official Zombie Frappuccino.

As Delish reports, food and drink blog Day of the Human received leaked photos of Starbucks' upcoming menu from a handful of baristas, who say the drink uses bright-green Caramel Apple Powder with a swirl of pink powder -- though what that pink powder is could be anyone's guess -- topped with a pile of pink "brains" -- aka pink-tinted whipped cream.

Starbucks has not, as of yet, confirmed whether or not the drink is indeed headed to stores this season, but a Starbucks representative's pun-filled response leads us to think it is: "Our Halloween plans are still under [mummy] wraps," the company rep said, "but we look forward to sharing more details with the living soon."

Of course as soon as the Zombie Frappuccino hits stores on October 26 (and October 23 in some locations!), you can bet you will see so many photos of the pink whipped cream and pink mocha drizzle on your social media feeds, you'll be craving one, too! How delicious does the Green Apple Caramel powder sound? The images of Starbucks barista art highlighting the drink also adds excitement to the release of the new frappuccino with a freaky flavor.

This is, of course, not the brand's first spooky new Halloween frappuccino -- Starbucks regulars will remember from 2015 and 2016 the vampire-themed Frappula, made with mocha sauce, mocha Frappuccino, a dollop of whipped cream and strawberry syrup "blood" drizzled around the inside of the cup.

Keep an eye out for Starbucks' Zombie Frappuccino in stores Oct. 26. Don't lose your head.

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