Have a Standout Wedding with 10 Unique Bar Ideas

It's no surprise that brides want their wedding day to be perfect. From the floral arrangements, to the dresses, and onto the struggle of properly tying a bow-tie; the checklist of perfection is endless. Of course, there's much more to a wedding than a symmetrical bow tie and the lack of fly-aways on the heads of every bridesmaid.

Outside of the minuscule (yet very important) details, comes the decision that many will remember about the big day: the bar. Whether you want an open bar or not is only half of the decision-making, which probably is the opposite of music to your ears.

Innovation is the name of the bar game for modern weddings, and you'll want yours to be tasteful and fitting to the theme of your overall day. The concept that a simple staple such as a bar can define an event may seem silly, but if you've ever attended a wedding or some other type of like-event, you've probably spent some time carefully crafting your opinion of said bar.

You should keep in mind not only your tastes, but that of your guests, too. No, we're not saying design the bar idea around what Sally likes, but simply to keep Sally in mind when selecting what spirits should exist behind the bar.

As for decor, that's all up to you. If you want a rustic chic bar, go for it! Want something a little more swanky? Heat things up with some chandeliers overhead of the bar, with matching crystals drawn out across the island for that extra pizzaz.

It's your day, but functionality should still play a vital role in whatever you decide upon. With so many ideas running around in your head, it can be hard to manage one from the other. For those of you needing a little direction, or even if you simply have wedding fever, here are 10 bar ideas for your big day that we love.

1. Trailer for a Bar

What's wrong with having a trailer at your wedding when it looks this adorable and is stocked up with all of the wine? We can't find a reason, either.

2. Re-Purposed

Utilize something old and make it new, such as woodwork. This bar idea is rustic in all of its glory, and the unfinished nature of the wood makes it all the better.

3. Medieval

Just because it's simple and small doesn't mean it should be problematic!

If your wedding is one of a more intimate nature, this bar's modern take on medieval times may be the perfect bar for you.

4. Floral

If flowers are your thing, then we think we may have found the wedding bar of your dreams. Covered in white florals, or any flower you desire, this bar is made for a fairytale.

5. Coffee Bar

Yes, people tend to indulge at weddings when it comes to the food and drink. But who's to say you can't have two types of bar at a single wedding?

If you're serving up something sweet for dessert that pairs well with this caffeinated creation, or you're simply the world's biggest coffee fan, this coffee bar could be made just for you.

6. Simple

Maybe you're one for the simple life, or like things from the good-ole days. Whatever your preference, sometimes simple and sweet is the way to go.

We definitely love what the lights above the bar add to this set up!

7. Pretty in Pink

If you've been called a princess all your life and have more items in pink than any other color in your entire wardrobe and home, this may be the bar direction for you.

Over-the-top yet elegant, you'll have your guests falling to their knees in awe.

8. Farm to Table

This bar brings in the simple elements of nature and farmhouses into one sweet little package, made just for you.

9. Wine Tasting Bar

Who said you can only have one type of bar? This bar is specifically designed for the winos in your guestbook, and allows them to feel just as sophisticated as you do on this special day.

10. Prosecco Van

This one is for all of the Prosecco lovers out there. Not only does this get up look adorable, it dispenses Prosecco directly from the tap built into the side of the van. Now, if only Bubble Bros could come to the U.S. . .

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