Sriracha Seasoning Stix Will Upgrade Your Barbecue Game

There are Tabasco fans, there are Texas Pete fans, there are Cholula fans, and then there are Sriracha fans. If you are one of the latter, you'll jumping to the high heavens to hear that Huy Fong Foods is introducing a new line of product - the Sriracha stick. Meant to season "meat, fish, and poultry from the inside out" the Seasoning Stix are a rooster lover's dream.

Seasoning from the inside out, Sriracha Stix were meant for meat. How so? First, choose from four of your favorite Sriracha Stix flavors - classic, garlic butter, teriyaki, and mystery blend. I'll take mystery blend.

Then, take a few of the Sriracha mystery blend Stix and stuff and/or wrap them into your meat. After you've done all the hard prepping - it was really tough to choose from four Stix flavors - cook your meat according to your desired method.

What is about to happen next is pure genius. Once the Stix reach 110°F, they become liquid. This chemical reaction cause the wonder flavors of Sriracha Stix to ooze out and be absorbed by the meat.

While all the free Seasoning Stix are long gone, you can sign up for free and early bird shipping when the product is launched this month.

I recommend signing up ASAP and getting your rooster stix before the internet masses cause them to become back-ordered.

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