This Sriracha Bottle Keychain is a Must-Have for Hot Sauce Lovers

Hate on my tastebuds all you want, but I can't eat a lot of foods without condiments. Subway? Add ranch. Burger? Add ketchup. It's not that these foods are awful without some kind of condiment or sauce, but I'd rather not go without it. These days I refuse to have a sriracha-less meal.

Every sriracha lover needs to take a bottle of sriracha on the go. I know, it doesn't seem normal to carry around a bottle of sriracha sauce, but I think sriracha keychains make it acceptable. I wouldn't look at anyone crazy for pulling one of these out. Luckily, we can all join in on the fun. Amazon has a Huy Fong Foods sriracha keychain gift pack available for all sriracha lovers to take everywhere.

Sriracha2Go Keychain Gift Pack

sriracha giftpack

The package includes a 9-ounce bottle of sriracha, 1-ounce keychain, and a 1.7-ounce hot sauce keychain. Don't worry! They are refillable. For the sriracha obsessed, this is a game-changer. I don't blame people for wanting all of their food to have a spicy kick! It takes a lot of food to the next level.

Not every restaurant carries sriracha sauce. You definitely can't depend on a lot of fast-food restaurants to carry it either. Each keychain has a secure lock cap so it won't leak. Sriracha keychains make perfect stocking stuffers for the hot sauce lovers in your life.

Where was this keychain bottle when I was in high school? I could've made a lot of cafeteria food taste a lot better with a mini hot sauce bottle. I would've made sure to keep a bottle keychain on my backpack at all times.

Don't want to attach a mini bottle to your keyring? Not a problem. You can buy a stash of 50 Huy Fong Foods hot chili sauce packets. If you haven't jumped on the sriracha bandwagon, it's not too late. I'm sure you'll be carrying around a Huy Fong sriracha bottle keychain soon enough!

If your pantry is already stocked with sriracha bottles, feel free just to buy a sriracha keychain!

This post was originally published on September 20, 2019.

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