Spring Cleaning List: 3 Easy Tasks to Instantly Make You Feel Better

Spring has sprung, and if you're anything like us, you have a house full of winter wonders that are now on your spring cleaning checklist. Don't get us wrong, we're all about holiday cheer and keeping memories scattered around like photobooks in every room. However, the changing of the seasons can mean one thing: it's time to re-organize and deep clean.

There's probably more to it than what meets the eye, especially when it comes to ceiling fans, and it can be difficult to know exactly where to start, especially if you've been holding on to various things for extended periods of time.

Regardless of your organizational standing, it's always good to revamp your space in a cost-effective way. Out with the old, and in with potential!

When you clear out a space of the old, you're not just simply creating room for something else; you're cleansing your mind and soul, putting them both at ease. It's amazing what checking off cleaning tasks like scrubbing down window sills and setting up a lint trap can do once they're complete.

It's a simple fix to declutter what may be lurking in the laundry room and the drawer where you store beauty products. You could wash walls, Clorox your door knobs, dust your light fixtures, reseal grout lines, or focus on stain removal, but whatever you choose, just make sure you have a little help.

We know, there are a lot of places to start, which can be daunting and reason enough to just wait another day. But it's spring cleaning time, and there ain't nothin' to it but to do it.

Instead of thinking about all of the things that need to be cleaned out, getting overwhelmed and doing nothing about it, we've crafted out three easy starting points to get your spring cleaning on the up and up.

1. The Closet

The state of your closet is closely related to how often you clean your home. It's probably been awhile since you used all of those winter clothes, and now is the time to go through some of the spring and summer clothes you have taking up your entire closet.

Tackle your cleaning list early and start some seasonal cleaning in your closet, setting aside a keep pile and a donate or sell pile. You also might want to run a few long-lost dresses you'll inevitably find through the washing machine.

You'll be surprised to find clothes from a year or two ago with the tags still on them! Whether you grew out of the style or just forgot about it, decide whether you're going to where these items this season or not.

If not, donate or sell them to a store like Plato's Closet or Buffalo Exchange to get them out of the house. This way, you can make back some cash to splurge on this season's hottest styles.

2. The Freezer

You've made countless freezer soups and loaded up the joint with meats, veggies and ice cream galore. Although these items do last longer in frozen form, they surely can't last forever, and you're likely running out of space.

Though it seems like the last and hardest thing you could do, it actually takes only a matter of minutes to go through what you have jam-packed into every nook and cranny of your freezer. This is one of those seasonal chores that easy to stay on top of in terms of spring cleaning tips.

Future pro tip: Label what you've frozen with the date on it, too. This will help with future cleaning projects and make it even less painless and more organized than it was before.

3. The Garage

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You know that corner of your garage that has all of your heavily used cleaning products nestled nicely in? Or how about those shelves that were meant to keep clutter out, yet has seemingly turned into the most accessible storage place for anything under the sun? This may look like a big project, and depending on your garage's level of organization, it just might be one of the tougher jobs to get done.

But the purpose of spring cleaning is to get out with the old and in with the new, and when your new stuff has nowhere to live, that's when a revamp of the space is essential.

Garages are great places to keep those unwanted-in-your-home items, such as cleaning supplies, car maintenance items and outdoor equipment such as bicycles. If you've ever struggled to get to your bike due to the cluster of miscellaneous objects around it, you may want to start with the cleaning of your garage first.

You know what they say: A happy home is a newly cleaned and organized one. Welcome the warmer weather with some springtime clean up, and you'll find your house isn't the only thing that looks and feels better; your mind does, too!

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