This Warming Butter Knife Is the Secret to Spreadable Butter

I'm from Texas. That means if I'm eating bread, I need to put an unhealthy amount of butter on each slice. If I'm eating a sandwich or burger at home, I'm absolutely buttering and toasting my bread.

My fellow bread and butter lovers know that it's the best combination ever, but spreading cold butter on bread (especially sandwich bread) is a pain. Thankfully, the SpreadThat Butter Knife is here to make things go more smoothly. (Pun intended.)

SpreadThat Butter Knife

THAT! Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife, Black
  • Dishwasher safe
  • ​3.7 star rating
  • Perfect for toast

The SpreadThat Butter Knife has a heated serrated edge designed to curl and soften cold butter. It has heat conducting technology that utilizes your body heat to carve and spread that cold Kerrygold and Country Crock.

Since the heat transfer is coming from the palm of your hand, no electricity is required to warm up. This is the kitchen gadget you don't want to live without. I can't want to have a better slice of toast in the morning. Can you imagine buttered toast without clumping? It's a breakfast lover's dream come true.

2 THAT! Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife, Black

You can find the butter spreader on Amazon today. Add it to your wishlist today. Fine curls of butter are only a click away.

I wonder if it'll work on other condiments like garlic butter, peanut butter, or chocolate spread. (Doesn't warm Nutella sound delicious?) Well, we know for sure it'll work fantastic with hard butter and cream cheese as well. Get those bagels ready!

THAT! Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife, Black

Can we all start a petition to get this added to restaurant cutlery? I mean, if bread and butter are part of my appetizer, I'd love to have some melt-in-your-mouth butter. Hint, hint, Texas Roadhouse.

I can't wait to get my SpreadThat Serrated Warming Butter Knife! If you want to see how the edge of the blade works, check out this video. Customer reviews can also attest that the serving utensil is top-notch.

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