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25 Spooky Candies to Buy This Halloween


It's October. Halloween costumes are being brainstormed. Giant spider decorations are creeping out neighbors and zombie arms are sticking up through lawns. But even more important than all of that is the candy. Spooky candy choices are plentiful this year. Whether you choose gross or traditional, the candy (usually) lasts beyond October 31st. Make sure you've got a solid selection like this list we've put together.

Our Favorite Spooky Candy

1. Flix Candy Halloween Spooky Selfie Lip Pops Lollipops 


A toy AND a candy?! Kids will go nuts over this variation on the ring pop. Stick the lollipop in your mouth and crack each other with the silly toy mouths attached like vampire fangs and kitty noses. Use this to bribe your kids to sit still for cute Halloween photo shoots.

2. Halloween Mello-Creme Pumpkins, Delicious Gummy Candy


Pumpkins and Halloween are BFF's. This is a classic candy that's chewy yet creamy. Pro tip: Grab your hot glue gun and use these mini-pumpkin candies to decorate a Halloween themed gingerbread house.

3. Trick Or Treat Sixlets

These candy coated chocolate are so simple simple yet so good. The black and orange colors make these a great candidate for the hot glue gun as well when decorating. Or push them gently into frosting for a fancy edible cake decoration.

4. Halloween Day of the Dead Skull Icing Tattoo Lollipops


Four different flavors and four different colors to dole out to sugar crazed kids. Press the skull pattern against your tongue for 5 seconds and check out the cool tongue "tattoo" in the mirror.

5. Halloween Hershey's Assorted KitKats Fangs Minis

I have never met someone who doesn't like KitKats. Cookies & Creme flavored Fangs, Milk Chocolate KitKats, and Dark Chocolate KitKats. And yes, dark chocolate is still considered a healthy antioxidant.

6. Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Watermelon Flavored Green Candy Lollipop Suckers


Classic Ring Pops in a spooky lime green color with a kid pleasing watermelon flavor. This is a great favor for wizard or garden fairy theme parties. I love a good theme party.

7. Halloween Trick or Treat PEZ Candy Dispensers

Do you really love your kids? If the answer is yes, then splurge on these Halloween themed PEZ dispensers. There's a ghost, pumpkin, mummy, vampire bat, and witch. Each dispenser comes with two packs of Pez candy too!

8. SKITTLES Shriekers Sour Fun Size Chewy Halloween Candy


Sour candy brings out every kid's competitive side. How much pucker can you handle? Skittles candy engineers claim these are so sour they will make your SHRIEK!! You'll get an assortment of shocking lime, spine-tingling tangerine, citrus scream, rattled asrpberry & ghoulish green apple flavors.

9. Halloween Gummies 1 lb. Candy Gift Tray

Adults either groan or get very excited about a Halloween costume party. Whether you love dressing up or would rather leave it to the kids, you've still got to bring a host/hostess gift! This themed gummies gift tray has Dracula teeth, candy corn, worms, and skulls. Watch it disappear before your eyes!

10. Palmer Double Crisp Skulls 


These cute little skulls have smooth chocolate on the outside and crispy on the inside. Collect all the wrappers and get crafting. Decoupage anyone?

11. Halloween Peeps!

Peeps aren't just for Easter anymore. This assortment of spooky cats, pumpkins, monsters and ghosts will stretch and smush their marshmallowy goodness right into your Halloween candy-filled bellies.

12. Fruidles Halloween Milk Chocolate


Cute ghosts, pumpkins, and eyeballs decorate discs of creamy milk chocolate. Strew across a table for fast decorating.

13. Fruidles Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Spooky Eye Balls

Peanut butter and chocolate bloodshot eyeballs? Yes, you heard me right. Since they're hard to tell they have peanut butter inside, save these for yourself rather than giving them out to the neighborhood kids. It's a win: win.

14. Fruidles Halloween Chocolate Monster "Munny"


Get out the board games and start the kids gambling early on in life. These cute monster coins are great for games, teaching addition, and of course eating!