Spoil the Carnivore in Your Life with the Broquet, or the Beef Jerky of Love

Welcome to 2017 where the broquet is the next big thing. What's a broquet, you may ask? We've all heard of bouquets, a bundle of flowers served in a vase on any type of occasion, or just to spruce up the place. But what about the guy in your life? Sure, some guys would be head over heels to receive a bouquet for whichever reason. Let's be honest, flowers smell delicious, and there's no shame in admitting that. Who wouldn't want a natural way to make your home smell good?

Flowers are awesome and they can make any place feel and smell more welcoming. But what about ... Valentines Day? Your man's surprised you with a delightful and gigantic stuffed teddy bear with the words "I love you" across a heart held at the front of the bear, a diamond necklace, and a box of your favorite chocolates (he knows the ones).

So what do you get him? Surely you've seen the man bouquets printed all over Pinterest that involve filling a basket with airplane bottles of his favorite liquor, a few cigars, a gift card to his favorite store, and surprise wrapped in a box.

But guys are guys, and they're probably thinking about food. If this sounds anything like the carnivore in your life, fret not for Say It With Beef has you covered.

Say It With Beef is your one stop online shop to give the guy in your life the bouquet, or broquet, he deserves. A broquet is a bouquet of meat. Beef jerky, to be exact.

The type of jerky used by Say It With Beef is kept in cahoots due to licensing agreements, but they promise on their site that it is "the brand of jerky preferred by Greek gods when they lay Broquets upon the graves of their fallen." So here's the deal: Broquets are shaped as either roses or daisies, giving the appearance of either flower in a beef jerky version of a bouquet.

Once you decide that this is the gift of pure gold for your guy, you'll be prompted to decide how many beef jerky flowers, if you will, you'd like. Even better, you can pick which "vase" you want to use: a pint glass or mug. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

The broquet will arrive ready to eat, all you have to do is set up the arrangement, which consists of taking the "vase" out of the box and placing the jerky flowers into said vase.

They've made it quite simple to get from start to finish with little effort on your part, which is another reason this company is ideal to do business with. Whomever you're shopping for this Valentines Day will be sure to enjoy, and devour, this finger-lickin' gift.

To those vegetarians out there, the more you support Say It With Beef, they closer they'll get to creating and bringing a tofu broquet into your life. Do you love this company yet? Get to shopping for your Broquet here.

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