Too Old for Spin the Bottle? Play Poop the Potato Instead!

Sometimes you keep traditions as they are. You don't change the origins or performance of said traditions. Why? Because they're traditions. However, when it comes to an age old classic game, like spin the bottle, traditions can go right out the window. That's right, everything you know about spin the bottle is getting flipped on it's head and out the other end--literally.

Instead of participating in the classic and sacred tradition amongst the teenage crowd, spin the bottle has gotten a makeover for those of us who are a little bit too old and too tied down (in the good way!) to participate in such activities. How can one makeover spin the bottle in a decently respectable way?

Well, you replace the word kiss with the word poop, and exchange a bottle for a potato. In other words, you play poop the potato. Interested in how to play, or curious about what that even means?

You never know, this could be the new tradition in your life. Nothing brings people together like toilet humor.

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