Southern Comfort Will Introduce Whiskey Varieties with Fresh Makeover

Southern Comfort, the love-it-or-hate-it liqueur that stands at the center of many a hangover story, is about to get a makeover including the one thing most people assume it contains, but doesn't: whiskey.

According to The New York Times, the overhaul is part of a move from the new owners, the Sazerac Company, that bought the liqueur brand from Brown-Forman last year. The new direction will also include a redesigned bottle and label, and the phasing out of flavors like Lime Comfort and Caramel Comfort.

Despite what most people consider common knowledge, Southern Comfort doesn't contain whiskey -- though it may have once upon a time -- and hasn't since at least 1979. Rather, it contains a neutral grain spirit, like vodka, that's heavily flavored.

That will all change under Sazerac's ownership, which will soon reintroduce whiskey to the brand, appearing on store shelves in both its familiar 70- and 100-proof versions, as well as a black-labeled, "whiskey-forward" 80-proof batch, along with new Southern Comfort Rye and Southern Comfort Barrel Select.

The whiskies will be taken from Sazerac's own North American whiskey stocks.

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