9 Sonic Secret Menu Items for Your Next Trip to the Drive-In

America's favorite drive-in fast-food restaurant, Sonic has a lot to offer. With its convenience, retro vibe and fun menu items, there's no doubt you'll be taken back to another time. If you love Sonic's slushes, onion rings, corn dogs and cheeseburgers, you'll want to know the inside scoop on Sonic's secret menu. Yes, that's right a secret menu to add to their ever-growing regular menu! Next time you pull up to the drive-in, ask for one of these.

What is On Sonic's Secret Menu?

Some hit up this fast food chain for their fruity and sweet slushes, comparing cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry and chocolate to find the best. Others are there for the crispy tots and juicy burgers, the perfect meal for when you're on the go but are still looking to enjoy a delicious meal. If any of these menu items sound intriguing to your taste buds, it's time to check out the secret menu.

Sonic's secret menu is full of creative combos inspired by their regular menu. Expect drinks with fun flavor mixes ranging from fruity to sweet, and a few silly names thrown in there. As for the food, Sonic's secret menu typically adds something delicious to a classic dish, bringing the regular menu item to a new level of deliciousness. If you're in the know, it's definitely worth it to try some of these items out! Keep in mind, some locations may not carry all of these secret menu items, but if you ask nicely and describe the menu items, many employees will make them for you.

9 Sonic Secret Menu Items

1. Frito Pie

Sonic frito pie
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Frito Pie on Sonic's secret menu is a generous serving of Frito chips covered with chili and nacho cheese. Keep in mind that not all Sonic locations serve this menu item, but it doesn't hurt to ask just in case.

2. Purple Sprite

Remember way back when Sprite came out with a bunch of fun flavors? Also, know as Sprite Remix. I'm brought back to those days hearing all about Sonic's secret drink option called, Purple Sprite. It's a sugary-sweet mix of Sprite, Powerade, lemonade and cranberry juice and totally refreshing.

3. Sonic Sunrise

The Sonic Sunrise is a simple concoction made with orange juice and Cherry Limeade and has that colorful 'sunrise' look to it. It's almost like a Tequila Sunrise but without the addition of tequila.

4. Grilled Ham & Cheese

sonic ham grilled cheese sandwich
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Grilled cheese sandwiches are magical, but when you add ham into the mix, that changes everything. Sonic serves Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, which is a twist on a classic. Filled with melted cheese and ham, there's no going back to a plain ol' grilled cheese sandwich.

5. Dr. Pepper Orgasm

Okay, not the most family-friendly named drink out there, but at least you'll know you're ordering something delicious from Sonic Drive-in! The Dr Pepper Orgasm is a mix of Dr Pepper, lemonade and Powerade and is available on Sonic's secret menu.

6. Made-to-Order Burgers

Sonic loves to make their customers happy, so if you have a custom burger in mind that's not on the regular menu, Sonic can do it as long as they have all the ingredients and condiments on hand. See what kind of burger you can come up with next time you're at a Sonic location.

7. Sunshine Smoothie

Some Sonic employees might remember this drink since it used to be on the regular menu. This tasty smoothie is made with strawberry, banana, orange juice and either ice cream or frozen yogurt. With this smoothie as an option on the secret menu, it's worth a shot asking a Sonic employee if they wouldn't mind blending up a Sunshine Smoothie for you.

8. Pickle-O's

sonic pickle-o's
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Deep-fried pickles deserve a round of applause. They're tangy, crunchy, and deep-fried. What could be so bad? Good thing Sonic knows how to make customers happy with this secret menu item. Pickle slices dipped in their tasty batter mix and fried until golden brown.

9. Extreme Tots

Sure you can order chili cheese tots with all the added toppings, but make it easy on yourself and order Sonic's Extreme Tots, which consists of tots, chili, cheese, onions, jalapeños, and ranch dressing. It's a little heavy for sure, so be prepared!

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This post was originally published on June 1, 2021.

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