SoCal Woman Found a Frog in Her Salad from Target, Kept It as a Pet

One Southern California woman got a whole lot more than she found a live frog in a Target-bought box of lettuce mix. As ABC 7 reports, Becky Garfinkel of Corona, California, had made a salad, dressed it and was about halfway finished when she noticed something moving in her dish.

Her original report on Facebook to Target stated,

"Target... this is the most disgusting thing I have seen. Yes that's a frog, a live frog from my spring mix I got from your store today. I discovered him after eating almost my entire salad and almost stabbed him. The worst for me is that I'm a very strict vegetarian due to meat allergies."

After plucking the frog from her food and rinsing it off, she noticed it was still alive, but just barely, and did what any animal lover would do: she saved it.

"(My husband) noticed that he was kind of not moving a lot and he rolled over. So he decides, let's do some chest compressions With his finger--I'm not kidding you--barely pushes on the little frog and he breathes and turns around. I'm like OK. We have to keep him," Garfinkel told ABC 7.


Now safe in his new home--an old aquarium the Garfinkels had lying around--this very fortune frog has a fitting new name: Lucky.

Garkinkel said she's reached out to Target, which said it is looking into the matter and has contacted the grower, Taylor Farms. In the meantime, Target also offered Garfinkel a $5 gift card -- a card she's unlikely to use on greens anytime soon.

"I will tell you right now, I have no desire to ever eat a salad again. I'm petrified of the thought of a salad," she said.

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