How to Efficiently Load Your Dishwasher for Easy Unloading

We've all been there: so many dishes, yet so little space. Is space the actual problem, or technique? Sure, your mom has her tricks of the trade, and Grandma probably has some of the complete opposite that still get the job done. But are there rights and wrongs to loading your dishwasher? What are the best ways to get the most bang for your buck; or in this case, the most usable space cramped in an organized fashion with plates, bowls, and glasses alike?

For some, it's the, "whatever it takes for the door to close" approach, and others refuse to let anyone put even a spoon inside the dishwasher out of perfecting the practice of loading it.

Surprisingly enough, there's even a right and wrong way to load your utensils. That's right: there's a supreme rule of the land stating how to get the most out of the ever-small utensil carrier in your dishwasher.

Not all utensils were created equal, and they each have their own way to be stored within the walls of this cleaning machine.

1. Inserting forks with their prongs facing upward.

2.Spoons should be placed both up and down so each side is thoroughly cleaned.

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3. For safety purposes, knives should be inserted blade down.

4. Glasses should be loaded on top.

5. Plates and bowls belong on the bottom, except with Tupperware containers that have trouble staying in place during a heavy cycle.

6. Stagger large dishes with smaller dishes to accommodate and fully utilize the space you have without blocking out usable space with bulky items that can be stored behind smaller ones.

7. Never put wooden items, such as wooden spoons, in the dishwasher, as they will warp and crack over time.

8. Cutlery knives don't belong in the dishwasher, as they will go dull and completely minimize the purpose of the investment in the first place, and who wants that?

9. Face dishes inward to get the best stream clean.

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