Watch Snoop Dogg Discover How Candy Canes Are Mizzade

Snoop Dogg is a man of many hats. He's a critically and commercially unstoppable veteran rapper, one who helped shape and define the 1990s Southern California G-Funk sound. He's a clothing designer. He's a television star. He's a high-profile advocate of marijuana. He's, um, Martha Stewart's new BFF.

Turns out, he's also quite the documentary buff, with a thirst for knowledge about the world around him tapped with hilarious results by late night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This week, however, Jimmy and Snoop got into the holiday spirit for a special, Christmas edition of "Howz it Mizzade," in which the D-O-Double-G finds out just where candy canes come from. After a few incorrect (and inedible) guesses - throw-up, Frisbees, The Blob from The Blob - he finally gets it. Watch below.

Would you have been able to guess what was being made?

As a long-time friend of the show, Snoop's been in the narrator's chair before, whether he's narrating nature documentaries for Plizzanet Earth (otters vs. crocodile and walrus vs. polar bear are two of the best) or discovering where bagpipes and hot dogs come from on Howz It Mizzade.

Spoiler alert: He's not happy about the hot dogs ... or the bag pipes, for that matter.

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