MunchPak Gives You a Snack Tour of the World from Your Front Door

Have you ever gotten home from a long day completely famished and in search for small, but satisfying snack food? If so, you'll be happy to know that you are not alone. Better yet, you no longer must suffer the in-between period of getting home and dinner; forcing your hanger on the ones you love dearly -- all thanks to MunchPak and the creative food subscription boxes.

Before MunchPak snacks, there was nothing available for those who wanted to expand their food horizons with the best snacks from abroad in the comfort of their home. It was simply an idea between MunchPak creators, Michael Beletz and Andrew Hawel--one they didn't know the outcome of, but were excited to see where their minds could take them. In November 2013, MunchPak was officially born, and their idea to get global snacks to the masses via snack box was now live and living colorfully. 

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The idea behind MunchPak was to give the masses snacks that the entire world enjoys on a daily basis, but distribute them from one singular location. In any given pack, you could have a chocolatey treat from right here in the United States, to coffee-like scones from Italy. The options are endless, and that's the main draw to MunchPak. No matter what you get in your box, there will be something that knocks you straight out of your socks, keeping you plugged into what they're selling for even longer.

With MunchPak, you have three different options when it comes to selecting your charged monthly box of worldwide gold. At MunchPak, they're searching seven days a week to find new snacks from all over, from Indonesia to Australia, to fill your Paks with.

First off is the MunchPak Mini, which provides five full size snacks for a mere $9.95 a month. Secondly, comes the original MunchPak that contains 10 full-sized snacks and will cost you 19.95 per month. Lastly, there's the FamilyPak that supplies at least 20 full-sized snacks for $39.95 per month.

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The advantage of the MunchPak popular boxes over other like-minded companies is that your boxes are customizable. If you're not feeling something salty, simply leave the box unmarked when ordering your MunchPak. Want something more sweet than savory? All it takes is the click of a button and you've tailored your box to your liking.

Another plus about this amazing company is that your MunchPak will ship within 72 hours of the order confirmation, meaning you have minimal time to suffer snack-less, and mere days until the package of your foodie, snack-loving dreams arrives.

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My favorite part? The box! I know, that sounds a little absurd, but hear me out. When you get home and see this snack subscription box, you'll feel instant joy.

It's bright red and features cheery white lettering,  stirring up even more excitement. If you can believe it, it gets even better. While the anticipation builds up, you'll find yourself ripping open the box to see an assortment of goodies like you've never seen before.

Doused in between red and white paper lies your snack haven. In my first box, the first thing that struck my eye was a bag of Sriracha potato chips. Wait . . . What?! Yes! Sriracha. Potato. Chips. As if the concept of MunchPak wasn't revolutionary enough, the addition of crafty treats like these Sriracha chips took things to the next level. As for sweets, there were plenty! From Japanese Mentos to caramel wafers, your sweet tooth will definitely thank you.

Ultimately, if you're into snacks and don't mind challenging your taste buds, MunchPak is the right move for you. Not only will you expand your cultural foodie horizons, you'll also be transported to the wonderful world of snacking, something that should never be taken for granted.

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