The Difference Between Pellet Smokers, Kamado Grills, and Pit Barrel Smokers

When it comes to BBQ, everyone has their favorite appliance for grilling. Some people prefer charcoal, some go with gas, and others prefer using wood smoker pellets to infuse a smoky flavor into their dishes. If smoker and grill combos sound like your cup of tea, there are a few different brands and types that'll make you a pit boss in no time.

"Grill Girl" Robyn Lindars shared in a recent video the benefits of each type of smoker including the Big Green Egg, the Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill, and a Classic Pit Barrel. Each smoker imparts a smoky flavor that you can't resist!

Pellet Smokers


Set it and forget it: pellet grills differ from traditional smokers because they are electronic and need to be plugged into the wall. Popular brands include Traeger and Camp Chef, with smokers running from $800 and up. Instead of charcoal or a propane tank, the smoker relies on BBQ wood pellets that are available in different types of woods such as pecan, Texas mesquite, apple wood, hickory, alder, and hard maple.

What Are Smoker Pellets?


Hardwood pellets are at the heart of every pellet grill. According to Pit Boss Grills, it is important to note that there are food grade pellets meant for cooking, and non-grade heating pellets made for wood-burning stoves. The best cooking pellets do not contain fillers, additives, or artificial flavors; Natural hardwood is the best when it comes to smoking pellets.

Each pellet contains packed sawdust that will burn into ash. A bag of pellets usually comes in a 20lb or 40 lb bag. Companies such as Bear Mountain offer pellet flavors that coincide with what you are grilling. Smoking a brisket? Try the Bold BBQ, a perfect mix to add to your wood pellet grill.

Kamado Grills

Typically made from ceramics, kamado grills like the Big Green Egg retain heat efficiently, and their versatility can cook low and slow all day or crank up the heat for grilled pizza. Using wood or charcoal, these grills are an all-around grilling and smoking machine.

Pit Barrel Smokers

Take things vertical with the pit barrel smoker! Hang veggies for smoking while the design of the barrel circulates heat around the food. This grill uses charcoal instead of wood or wood pellets.

So what'll it be? pellet grilling, wood grilling, or charcoal grilling?

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