This is the Smartest Shopping List We've Ever Seen

One of the least enjoyable parts of a grocery store trip is always visiting the produce section. Wading through the crates of fresh fruit and vegetables is never easy; each different item has different markers of ripeness and freshness. For example, you want a softer avocado if you're going to eat it today or tomorrow, but you'll want a harder one for those you plan on eating throughout the week ahead. That being said, this knowledge only comes with practice.

So what happens when you send someone to the grocery store who might not know what to look for? You do what Era Londhe did for her husband. You write the most detailed vegetable grocery list ever seen.

Let's break this genius idea down. Not only did she direct her husband to the exact kind of item she needed, but also exactly what it should look like. Have you ever done this for someone shopping? Typically I just hand off a list without any descriptions to my partner for grocery shopping and if I end up with something less than, it's on me for not describing. From now on, I might borrow Era's tactic.

Wouldn't your own grocery store trips have been more seamless if you had this information in front of you while out shopping? We rely so much on memory for meal planning, but writing information down is essential. Besides, when you use our Meal Planning printable, you can use it for a list and stick it on the refrigerator after so everyone knows what's for dinner that week.

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