This Smart Garden Innovative Plant Technology is Changing the Way We Grow at Home

The AVA Byte Smart Garden is revolutionizing indoor gardening. Its foolproof design lets any gardener grow indoors, no matter the level of expertise. That means whether you're a master gardener or lack a green thumb, with the AVA Byte your garden will thrive.

The indoor Smart Garden inspired by NASA has advanced technology that is unlike any other indoor gardening product. The AVA Byte has a self watering system with automatic LED lighting designed for optimal plant growth. The NASA-inspired LED lightening is so effective that plants are able to grow three times faster indoors.

IndieGoGo: AVA Bytes

With its sleek and compact design, you can grow everything from bell peppers to microgreens right inside your own home. By using a ready-to-grow pod technology, there is no soil required.

That means there's no need to balance the pH of soil or worry about forgetting to water with this drought-proof hydroponic technology. Simply plop in the nutrient loaded compostable pods, add water, and watch AVA technologies go to work.

While a gardener monitors the daily activity of their plants, AVA Byte takes care of it for you. There is an HD camera that captures time lapses in order to track the growth of the plant. It maintains the health by monitoring the activity, and automatically adjusting the watering and lighting if necessary. For those that forget to water, that's like music to the ears.

If you're looking to grow fresh herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms, or other veggies, the AVA Byte comes designed to your produce specifications. Each AVA Byte includes five pre-seeded pods of your choosing so all you have to do is plop them into the Smart Gardener, water, and let it thrive.

To monitor your growing plants, AVA Byte has an app for Android and iOS that not only shows you the water and light levels, but also offers up recipes. There is also a home compatibility option with Amazon Alexa, Google, and Apple HomeKit.

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For a pledge on IndieGoGo for $189, you can get the AVA Byte Smart Garden that is simple and sustainable. With this garden, there's no need to worry about plant growth - not too mention making last minute trips to the grocery store. With your purchase, you receive five ready to grow no-soil compostable pods that are zero hassle. This sustainable method of growing saves 90 percent more water thanks to its advanced technology.

If you're ready to take the plunge into the innovative future of plant technology, then order your AVA Byte during pre-order and save 35 percent. Once pre-order is over, costs will jump up to a retail value of $299, which is still a great price considering its NASA-inspired technology that grows your own food with little effort on your own part. By taking part in this cause, you're taking part in the greater good.

"We are on a mission to feed the world's transition to sustainable food with a vision of an exciting future where anyone can grow anything, anywhere.

To achieve this, we need your help in bringing not only AVA Byte, but the AVA brand to life! By building our community of future foodies and sharing our vision with the world, we are able to get people excited about standing for a sustainable future."

IndieGoGo: AVA Bytes

If you've been looking for more ways to become a conscience grower, then try the AVA Byte. By growing your own food the smart way, you minimize water usage and you save yourself a trip to the store.

By starting your own AVA garden, you're not only making your own transition towards sustainability, but helping others achieve that goal as well.

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