The Slow Cooker Christmas Dinner Menu You'll Make for Years to Come

If you've spent the entire week shopping and wrapping without giving Christmas dinner the proper attention it requires, you might be getting worried. If you've got a slow cooker, though, there is no reason to. This mix-and-match menu of appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts and even cocktails can all be made in your slow cooker.

They are classically Christmas dishes that your guests will think you slaved all weekend over.


Sugared Pecans

Use your slow cooker to create the perfect pre-dinner snack for your guests. Get the recipe here.

Bacon-Wrapped Smokies


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These sweet and salty snacks are the perfect appetizer for a Christmas crowd. Get the recipe here.

Artichoke Dip

This is hands down everyone's favorite part of a holiday dinner. Take the guess work out of making this masterpiece by using a crockpot. Get the recipe here.

Main Course

Crockpot Ham

This easy-to-make recipe uses just five ingredients, but the one that is the most important: pure maple syrup. Get the recipe here.

Herb Balsamic Pork Roast

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This roast belongs on a festive holiday dinner. It's full of flavor courtesy of herbs, spices and balsamic vinegar. Get the recipe here.

Slow Cooker Whole Turkey

If your family favors a turkey for Christmas dinner, this slow cooker recipe makes it possible to get the bird cooked and presents wrapped all on the same day.

Get the recipe here.

Pot Roast

Affordable chuck roast makes it possible to feed a big family an indulgent Christmas dinner on a budget. Get the recipe here.


This indulgent Italian dinner normally takes hours to prep and just as long to cook.

This recipe changes all that but makes sure that the luscious lasagna flavor remains intact. Get the recipe here.

Side Dishes

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Luscious and cheesy mashed potatoes make the perfect side dish for Christmas dinner. Get the recipe here.

Candied Yams

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This classic holiday dish is easy to execute when a crock pot is involved. Get the recipe here.

Green Bean Casserole

No one ever offers to make it, but everyone wants it. The green bean casserole is a must-have at Christmas. Get the recipe here.


Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fudge

Offer this crockpot fudge up as a dessert or wrap in festive tins and give them as gifts as your guests leave.

Get the recipe here.

Christmas Pudding

Part fruitcake, part pudding, this is a classic Christmas dessert that steals the show when it hits the table.

Get the recipe here.

Peppermint Bark

Fans of peppermint bark count the days until they can get a taste of this minty, chocolaty treat.

Get the recipe here.


Egg Nog

Served warm or cold, with rum or without, eggnog is one of the best parts of Christmas.

Get the recipe here.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Part cocktail, part dessert, this indulgent cocktail is the best way to bring both works together.

Get the recipe here.

Hot Buttered Rum

This creamy and crafty cocktail will help warm your guests right up while they wait for dinner. Get the recipe here.

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