7 Musical Pairings: Sip the Perfect Cup of Coffee with Each Vinyl Record

Those who love coffee and those who love vinyl are of the same breed. They are folks who relish warmth, pleasant sounds, and the physicality of their passion. You might even say that a record player is like the pour-over coffee of music formats -- it takes practice to understand the subtleties, but its slow richness is what makes its fans so loyal.

Since it's hard to have too much of a good thing, the logical solution for lovers of coffee and vinyl is to combine the two together into the perfect pairing. So that you don't have to spend hours coming up with earth-shatteringly awesome combinations (we'll let you do that with your very favorite records) here is a list of 7 classics and their respective coffee pairings that you need to try out this weekend.

Both coffee and vinyl music preferences are deeply personal, so this list is not meant to be taken as gospel, but simply as a suggestion of pairings that might pique your interest.

1. Leon Bridges, Coming Home + Classic Cup of Joe

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Infuse your brew with Southern soul and R&B. Leon Bridges' debut album is a pleasing Sunday morning listen with a warm beat that is sure to please every ear. Plus, this album is more than just a stylistic revival - it is a recreation.

Recorded on original equipment of the early R&B era, this album calls for a classic cup of coffee. Brew your coffee in something vintage, like a Bialetti Moka Express for some real authentic taste. The combination is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

2. Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison + Irish Coffee

This album is a country classic that was released the year before Woodstock. Why is this an important historical tidbit? Because this was the first time country got rebellious. This independent spirit was powered by a unique social message making it one heck of an educating record for listening.

Edify your mind and your tastebuds by trying a more incorrigible brew. Try an Irish coffee. The perfect way to start a Sunday morning.

3. Radiohead, In Rainbows + Pour-Over Coffee

Two albums ago, Radiohead released an album that made a new generation of teenagers fall in love with their subtly complex and musically demanding sound.

It is modern without being pretentious, and it is an album whose nuances demand that you listen to it repeatedly - kind of like a pour-over coffee. Rich in texture and subtle in its harmonious flavor profile, it is a perfect complement to these tunes.

4. Tame Impala, Currents + Latte Macchiato

This latest album from Tame Impala is a departure from their signature reverb-soaked psychedelic style. This time around, however, there are notes of pop within their textured and cleanly layered sounds.

Bright and lush with funky elements, this album calls for something a little unusual. Try a latte macchiato. This striated coffee beverage is sure to keep you guessing what flavor will hit your tongue next.

5. Jay-Z, The Black Album + Cappuccino

This is a soul-bearing album from one of the most influential rappers of the post-Biggie and Tupac era. It is a nod to the ups and downs and changing culture that helped shape Jay-Z  into a household name. Perpetually the underdog, Shawn Carter continually defied expectations of his fans and music.

In The Black Album, Carter once again strikes a chord. This time, he creates the perfect balance of gangster rap and pop; a balance that altered mainstream rap. Pair this perfectly balanced album with a cappuccino. This is a beverage that elegantly contrasts the hardcore flavor of espresso with the soft, sweet flavor of foamed milk.

6. Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces + Coffee with Cream

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For those times when you have a mixed crowd, the Dixie Chicks' fourth album is the answer. This seamless blend of bluegrass and mainstream country was the reason that folksy groups like Mumford and Sons enjoy such widespread popularity today.

Enjoy a walk down a country memory lane with this album and a cup of something a little more down home like a pot of coffee with cream.  Homey, comforting, and familiar you just can't go wrong with this simple pairing.

7. Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody + Iced Coffee Tonic

There is a little bit of everything in this legendary operatic glam rock album. Since you can't take it all in at once, allow yourself a moment to revel at the sonic innovation that this album presented the world with.

Perhaps the best way to do that is with an innovative caffeinated beverage. Try an iced coffee tonic. Inspired by the Kaffe Tonic at Saint Frank in San Francisco, just pour a shot of espresso over some Fever-Tree tonic water, and voila. A new, refreshing way to enjoy your caffeine.

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