Sierra Nevada Pairs with Tesla to Brew Greener Beer

Whether you're a craft beer aficionado or a Bud Light or bust type of beer drinker, you definitely know Sierra Nevada. This brewery arguably started the entire craft beer movement. Even if you haven't had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, you're certainly familiar with the stubby, brown, green-labelled bottle it comes in.

Speaking of green, Sierra Nevada-related things, the company has recently taken a huge, environmentally-focused step to brew greener beer. No, the color of the beer itself isn't getting a face-lift. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is changing how its facility is powered.

According to Jordan Golson The Verge, Sierra Nevada "has installed a 1MWh Tesla Powerpack battery system, taking power from an existing 10,751-panel, two-megawatt solar installation -- the largest owned by any US brewery -- and a two megawatt microturbine." 

Sierra Nevada

"In all, the setup allows Sierra Nevada to offset around 20 percent of its yearly electricity use," says Golson. If you haven't heard about Tesla's recent work, we highly suggest watching Leonardo DiCaprio's recent documentary Before the Flood. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is featured in the groundbreaking film, discussing just how powerful his Gigafactories will be. We digress.

Golson also writes that Sierra Nevada isn't the only brewery that's decided to go a bit greener. Tesla told The Verge that "Maui Brewing Company in Hawaii is installing Powerpacks to store solar-generated electricity for use overnight, and most of the time the facility will be able to generate all its own power."

We're excited about this movement. If there's one thing we like more than beer, it's brewing beer without demolishing our planet's natural resources. For more on Sierra Nevada's mission toward sustainability, check out their sustainability overview.

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