This Sweet Moment Between Brothers is Just the Smile You Need Today

We all know the golden rule. Treat others as you'd like to be treated. Hold the door for that strange-looking man. Say thanks when, well, you're supposed to. Do you want your neighbor to trim the no man's land between your yards? Each time you cut the grass, cut closer and closer to the neighbor's property line. Sometimes, though, treat others as you'd like to be treated actually means treats.

Sweet treats. Treats so sweet that you're willing to strike someone for them. Sharing is caring, and these kids know it.

These brothers both love ice cream. When you and your brother share sweets as a commonality, you don't hold back. The little one is willing to knock his brother on the noggin for another bite of ice cream.

Other people were willing to say some downright ludicrous things in response to this act of cuteness (and minor sibling-on-sibling violence). The number of times ovaries was mentioned was hilariously high.

Ovaries and baby-making were a theme in responses to the Tweet. The original, by the way, was retweeted 17,607 times and liked 41,017 times when this article was written. Back to the replies, though.

Every emotion was had. There were laughs, there were cries. Oddly enough, though, there were no tears between the brothers. Just fraternal love and delicious, frozen dairy.

The ovaries comments continued. We'd say they were excessive, but the video is really cute. And we warned you about ovary shoutouts earlier.

We certainly smiled. Did you? Some people replying to the Tweet remembered a few not-so-adorable sibling setup during childhood.

One person thought it was so cute that he sent it to his girlfriend, trying to convince her to procreate. Disclaimer: Procreating because of a Tweet may be unadvised. We're uncertain.

For those that don't have the time (or focus) to read through dozens of replies, here are the overall themes. Cuteness. Reproduction. Being blessed. And, of course, ovaries.

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