No Green Thumb? This Self-Watering Indoor Herb Planter Was Made for You

Still dreaming of that lush herb garden, with fresh cilantro and dill to snip whenever you're craving it? Maintaining a thriving indoor garden isn't easy, and requires patience, care, and attention. While we all wish we could grow rows of mint and basil, sometimes it's just not feasible with our hectic lifestyles.

However, with the Cole & Mason Self-Watering Indoor Herb Garden Planter, you can take the small, but necessary steps toward growing your delicious herb garden, even if it is one herb at a time. This self-watering planter is a gardening genius all on its own and it only costs $19.99.

COLE & MASON Self-Watering Indoor Herb Garden Planter

herb planter

This herb keeper requires 40 percent LESS water intake than any other planter. The hydro-pad in this planter allows the herbs to draw water as they need it, so that you can become the expert in hands-off gardening and efficiency.

The planter is made of carbon steel so there is less evaporation, and is suitable for one pot of herb goodness. The transparent water refill window helps you easily see how much water is left in the planter and can be accessed for easy refills.

garden planter

The pour spout is a snap to locate and pour into -- no spilled water here! Perhaps the best part, however, is that you can store it in your refrigerator, where your herbs will stay fresher for up to 10 days longer.

Not only is this herb pot going to make maintaining your herb easier with its high functionality, but it's going to sit and look pretty, too.

Get going on your little indoor garden today with this nifty planter so fresh herbs are only a snip away.